2015-01-10 16:48:53 by Mevmillion

Its been about 2 years since I began this journey, I can see how much I've improved, and also how much I still have to learn. Its been frustrating, but fun, and exciting, and I've learned so much you wouldn't believe. I find myself stuck between styles, but I think thats okay for now. I will keep learning, and keep improving. I promised myself that I would start taking commisions this year, so if anyone wants me to draw them anything, I will. Just ask! I'm not charging anything, so maybe its not a true commision. But I want the practice, I only ask that if you like when I make then share it!


2013-04-11 13:42:21 by Mevmillion

So I'm joining Newgrounds extra late into the game, finally beginning, or I should really say, picking back up a lifelong ideal of making a living with my artwork. But that's not to say I'm in here trying to just make money, heres my little mission statement kinda thing:

I want to use my art to help, teach, inspire, and to share my ideals, with the rest of the world.

No this is subject to change as I just thought it up right now, but that's my goal. This is going to be a long arduous journey for me as I struggle against myself to improve and get to where I want to be, but I can't see myself doing anything else. Hopefully this journey will be a good one.